Will Hewett is an organizational transformation consultant, executive coach, learning designer, vocalist and improviser. He works with corporate clients around the world to raise their capacity to act inside complexity, and to bridge their deepest commitments with their daily work.

Will is an engaging speaker and workshop leader, offering groups an opportunity to step out of the hubbub of life and into a deeper connection with themselves and their world.

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Recommended Teachers and Guides

Rhiannon — a wonderful singer in the flow who guides groups through soulful improvisational singing structures. When Rhiannon is around magic happens. Look for her upcoming book, The Vocal River.

Natalie Goldberg — author of, among other works, Writing Down the Bones, a companion guide to a daily stream-of consciousness writing practice.

Philip Moffitt — teacher and writer, connecting ancient Buddhist ideas to modern practice.

Bobby McFerrin — a global catalyst in the world of vocal improvisation and a wonderful model for being curious about your voice and following it where it goes.

Rupert Spira — a teacher who beautifully articulates the nature of human experience.

Byron Katie — a teacher who gives practical access to not believing everything we think.

Ron Heifetz — a visionary leadership theorist.

Judith Ansara — teacher and coach on relationship, activism and non-dualism