What is your vibrancy practice?

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What is your vibrancy practice?

Austin – I’m playing with the word vibrancy as a holder for the experience possible through a daily, engaged practice. In the apparent complexity of our lives, when the most frequent answer to the question, “How are you?” is “busy,” how do we cultivate a sense of lightness, verve, release, aliveness?

How do we remind ourselves of the primacy of the world beneath words and of the miraculous experience of being inside a body in this moment?

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In my year of singing, I was reminded of this daily. There is something about this singing practice that allows us to not only enter silence and observe what emerges, as in traditional meditation, but also to engage in a process of creation and play. This combination of simultaneous activity and of letting go of control has magic to it. In my experience, vibrancy is born here.

So what is, or what might be a vibrancy practice that you could take on daily?

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  1. Jambuka
    April 29, 2012

    Helo, Will. Thanks for that special treat! You ovloefrw with song. Your presentation reminds me of how much singers and singing have enriched my life, including that special night accompanying you in Seattle. (My jazz group uses the Japanese fake books you got for me as a key reference, especially for seldom-heard verses to great tunes.) We have several singers. I’m sending the video to all of them. Bop-a-doo, di daaaah, di dah dah…Dah!


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