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©2011 Will Hewett

Austin — Today a full circle is complete. 365 times around the sun. 365 emergent 15-minute singing sessions, from all over the world and all manner of mood. 365 two-minute sound clips. 365 photos.

I tear up as I start my singing today and am filled with what this practice has given me. A through-line through the imagined drama of my life. An immersion into vibration. A falling away of interpretation and story. A structure for remembering who “I” am. A daily window to dance in being. Intimacy.

I sing loudly around my house, lighting it up with the fullness of this practice, doors wide open to the neighborhood. In Love.

I sing to me and to you, who have ridden along with me, in your own way, on this journey.

365 sounds like this


  1. melina
    September 18, 2011

    Congratulations Will!!! You are a true inspiration and role model. Thanks for offering such treasures to the world.

    With heart,

  2. Paul Dupree
    September 23, 2011

    Congratulations Will. Oh, oh, eh, oh. Have a great YAM week.


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