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©2011 Will Hewett

Austin — The world is constantly asking us to dance. Feel that air on your skin, the weight of your clothes and where they are touching. Hear the sounds close by and further away. See the colors around you that are jumping out right now.

There is a subtle way to say yes to all these invitations, to stay on your general trajectory while also welcoming them in. How does the blue on that cereal box feel in your heart? How do your ears respond to the intermittent rumble of the fridge? Can you feel the temperature of your shoes or the floor, rising up into your calf.

It’s a dance where we are constantly changing partners, acknowledging that we are part of things.

Today I’m singing away and see the word blackbird on a page on my desk. Like a little gust of wind it gently pushes me over into a very abstract dance with the Beatles song by the same name and I love being influenced this way.

Influenced sounds like this

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