Saddle Up

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Saddle Up

Austin — Sometimes when your music feels rambling and untethered it can be nice to climb onto a rhythmic ride that offers itself by proximity.

©2011 Will Hewett

What can you hear right now that has a steady pulse?

The windshield wipers on your car. The throb of a ceiling fan. A steady hammer down the road. A loud clock. The click of a blue jeans button inside the clothes dryer.

Let that be your rhythm section and start singing.

I’m walking around the park this morning as Cady flies by my feet, arcing out and back in squirrel-scattering swoops. It’s the simple scuff of shoes on gravel that once again brings me down and gives me a rhythm to ride.

Walking is a particularly juicy beat-maker, for is aligns the whole body in the tempo. I imagine that riding a horse would offer a similar hip-rocking rhythm section.

Saddle Up sounds like this

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