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Austin — Today I wonder how many sounds we have in our inner glossary of meaning. You know this collection; you consult it automatically every day. The sound of the a/c or heat coming on in your home. The sound of your current phone ringing. An engine accelerating nearby. Splashing. Pacing. Baby. A slight breeze in leaves.

To each of these little morsels of tone, rising and falling away, we have our own corresponding constellations of meaning, shaped by our “past.” One of us hears rain and thinks of Bali. Another thinks respite. Yet another thinks leak.

As I find my self doing my sing 15 practice today in the entryway of my house, I see my hand rising to knock on the door.

©2011 Will Hewett

This simple little sound awakens in me expectation, a slight tinge of potential danger, delivery, interruption. What a wonder to see how this meaning cluster stirs me from a hot Saturday thickness into a more alert, vertical vibrancy.

Perhaps we need reverse dictionaries then, so we can use these sound-meaning associations to our advantage.

Inverting sounds like this

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