Verbal Holons

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Verbal Holons

Austin — Today I talk myself into singing, not like convincing myself, but literally talking and watching the musicality inside of speaking, until little bits of singing emerge. The lines between talking and singing blur with this attention.

I’m not saying/singing words, but rather made-up languages. Over the course of the 15 minutes I tell several stories. One is about my upcoming trip to Australia, another about pushing a lifeguard into the pool when I was 7, and the last about how I came upon this table at which I sit this afternoon.

©2011 Will Hewett

I find it delicious to relate these stories this way, watch little musical gestures rise out of the speaking, and see the musicality in the speaking itself.

And I’m amazed at how much of the stories’ nuance I experience — the subtle dynamics of emotion and interaction in specific moments — by using made-up sounds instead of words. It seems that our language can flatten out experience into grey-scale linearity, when the real thing is vibrant, a moving, radiating sphere of colors.

I highly recommend this — tell a story without words either on your own or to a friend.

Verbal Holons sounds like this

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