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Austin — Noticing myself distracted as I start my practice, I look for something to focus on. I start with an old picture of ancestors but this doesn’t hold my singing interest.

Then I try tuning into the sensation in the tips of my middle fingers. This is it. I stay here and instantly a sound emerges from these spots, a snare hit.

©2011 Will Hewett

I play with this percussive sound for a while, keeping my attention right there at the finger tips. Then I move to my ring finger and get a falsetto tone. My thumb adds a deeper note. After a while I’ve found different sounds for each of the five fingers and play them.

This game of concentration is exactly what I needed, dropping away the chatter and buzz, and pushing the actual musical “end-product” out so it barely lingers inside the periphery of my attention.

Digital sounds like this

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