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Austin — Do you know about hips? I mean, do you really know about hips?

I’m just learning.

I mean, I know I have them and that they have been quite functional throughout my life. At the same time, every time I sink my attention into them, I merely taste the worlds they contain.

I’d highly recommend the Honey Bucket exercise. Imagine you are standing in center of a big barrel, the wide rim of which is coated in honey. Your job is to stay standing in the middle and slowly move your hips around the edge of the barrel so you wipe off all the honey.

Now try the other direction.

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Today as I sing my 15, I do a variation of this, sitting on a rubber gym ball and wiping the imaginary honey. I instantly feel the dropping of attention from head to wellspring, from synapse to primordial soup. My singing becomes more languid and broad.

We who reside far from the Equator should do this every day.

Hippy sounds like this

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