Dried Song

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Dried Song

©2011 Will Hewett

Austin — One way to start your practice is through an entry word. Adjectives work nicely for this. It’s easier if the word arises from your immediate experience (e.g. hungry, blue, spacious, bitter) but any word can be a way in.

You can start by simply singing the word if you like and come back to singing it, to refuel occassionally. Or you can just let the word settle into your consciousness and sing from that place.

Today’s word for me is dry. We are on a long, fire-producing, dry spell here. Steps kick dust, Spring lawns brown, throats scratch, skin crinkles.

This dry song is easy to access as I sit outside. It pinches my singing, crisps it like moon rock. After a while I can’t tell if it’s more witchy or more arid. If any hydration enters the melody, bringing the word back evaporates it quickly.

Choosing a word like this is another way to create a small container for your practice, a focus in which you can explore.

Dried Song sounds like this

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