Apes in Trees

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Apes in Trees

©2011 Will Hewett

Austin — It’s been a while since I spun my rotating language magnets around, catching words from the air, and throwing them out of my mouth on a bed of rhythm and melody.

This is one of my favorite pathways to the surprise of creativity. Except for a few that come from what I am seeing around me, and a few others that my mind adds on to create narrative, I don’t rightly know where these words come from. It’s closer to dreaming than any place else. The juxtaposition of two “random” words can create new worlds.

What this word gathering requires is a disposition of falling forward and allowing whatever comes out. For me, some of them are English words and others are strung-together sounds. The main focus is letting go.

Today the process ends in a story about apes turning into trees. I sit on the edge of wonderment, listening to Music tell this tale.

Apes in Trees sounds like this

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