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Austin — I return from a humid early morning walk with Cady, sandal weather now solidly arrived here. Crows, grackles and doves show up dutifully as the core avian chorus of Austin summer. Cats peer through it all, checking out this canine toddler by my side.

As I start my practice, the words of a singing teacher from years ago float by. “Remember your feet.” She was addressing the experience of getting all embroiled in the top-body thought machine that revs up during singing, especially performance. Simply remembering that you have feet can interrupt this and bring you into gravity, contact and vibration, the real stuff of the moment. And in the game of perception, re-membering is a re-insertion of these feet, these body members, into your awareness (‘oh yes, I do have feet’).

©2011 Will Hewett

So I listen to remembered guidance today and focus on the feet. For much of the session, it’s a tennis match. I’ll tune into the sensations of the feet — heat, smooth floor, prickly nerve dance, soft skin, callous — then the sounds I’m singing will grab my attention upward. Then back to the feet. I notice my singing apes this movement … sing and pause, sing and pause.

Is this about about giving the feet voice or about using them as an entry to presence moment awareness? I finish my 15 minutes and let these questions sit, turning my attention to my phone meetings ahead, remembering my feet.

Footward sounds like this

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