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Austin — Today I sing at the kitchen table and catch myself looking for a theme in my practice right from the start. What will I write about today’s practice?

It’s an interesting dynamic in writing about a practice whose heart is emergence — the mind wanting to analyze and crystallize, synthesize and verbalize.

I make a decision as my lips are still singing something (it’s amazing how the music keeps coming even when I’m spinning in thought), to let go of that part of my mind that is listening for today’s thing and just enjoy the emergence.

The frees up playfulness and more tolerance for changeability.

©2011 Will Hewett

I honk and croon, blurt and swoon as my grandparents’ chair creaks underneath me. I smile a while and see how that changes the ride. When I do, I think of you; maybe you are honking and crooning too, unthemed on a Sunday afternoon.

Themeless sounds like this

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