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Austin — A post-workshop dinner at a collegue’s ends well into the evening of a long day. I crack the window on the way home to let the soft Texas air blow in and start my practice. I don’t advise doing Sing15 in the car and do it anyway tonight, aiming to shorten the time before rest.

Music comes easily as I wind through curvy, hilly roads, though the experience is markedly different from my usual one inside a stationary room.

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First, I find it kind of like talking on the phone in the car … I feel my driving attention is lazier and I drift toward the lane edge easily without noticing. So safety is an issue. Also, I find I don’t immerse as completely in the full body experience of singing as I do standing on firm ground.

Neither of these diminishments to my practice reduce the lazy enjoyment of this road-trip singing on a Spring night.

March 30 2011 sounds like this

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