Scent Memory

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Scent Memory

Austin — You know how you can catch a smell in the air and it takes you back to some sweet place in your memory? Tonight that happens when I sing across a few sequential notes in my practice.

Immediately I’m back in Bali, 2003, walking across rice fields, eating nasi goreng, touring artists’ homes, listening to the omnipresent music of the gamelan.

©2011 Will Hewett

When I was in there, one particular piece of music was played all over the island. It had an ethereal melody played on the xylophone-like angklung.

It’s the first four notes of that melody that bring me back there, and I don’t let them go. I sing around them and return to them, again and again in a whole body remembering of the soft, humid air, the undefended smiles.

March 29 sounds like this

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