Tilted Ahead

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Tilted Ahead

©2011 Will Hewett

Austin — At the park near my house a 70-something man runs laps every day. He holds a stick, perhaps to fend off creatures, or in memory of his relay days. He is not graceful, but tilted forward and determined. There is no ‘no’ in his stride as he loops the park, disappearing into the woods and emerging on the other side, old gray sweats, sagging chest.

I watch him this evening after the first day of a workshop and relax into the ordinariness of my practice. I sing as he laps.

A friend told me recently she tried the Sing15 practice and got frustrated in the first session because she didn’t know how to keep it up for 15 minutes. This runner models an answer: just keep going. Just keep singing whatever is there, no matter how simple, no matter how it sounds, just keep breathing in and singing out. On the hard days, sing the hardness; when you have nothing to sing, sing about that. Just grab your stick and keep going until the timer dings.

March 28 sounds like this

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