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Austin — Cady is getting more energetic every day and more needing of stimulus. During my Sing15 session this afternoon, she bats around three kinds of balls, basket, tennis and soft. I kick one occasionally to keep her busy while I sing. At one point she loses interest and chases her tail. Around and around she goes after this strange object, whimpering in frustration.

©2011 Will Hewett

This image resonates with me as I feel familiar anxiousness in anticipation of co-leading a five-day workshop this week. This pitch of anticipatory energy and worry is a rutted, circular track I’ve run in many times, an imagined tail to chase.

Seeing this frees me up and has me fully in the song of the moment. This falsetto flight path is the only thing that is true right now; it’s my access to the unchased.

March 27 sounds like this

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