Perpetual Blue

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Perpetual Blue

Austin — Driving home, I hear Johnny Cash’s Fulsom Prison Blues in the car. That song is like a vein in bedrock, powerful, lodged, solid. The whoops of the prisoners in the background fray its edges and danger it up. With its power and resignation, it’s not a song that jostles easily in this late-afternoon, early-Spring breeze and it stays with me as I start my singing.

For the whole time, I cycle through those blues like a carnival ride, never quite wanting to get off. I feel the centrifugal force of the first repeated melodic turns, the quickening of the middle and the enveloping Johnny Cash dip at the end.

©2011 Will Hewett

Each time around, the center line of the tune settles more into my body, enabling me to fly off it knowing it will be there when I come back.

Thank you Johnny, for showing us the bounty of life inside constraint.

February 28 sounds like this

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