Country Supper

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Country Supper

Austin — Some of the things I love about this town: global orientation, vibrant arts scene, host to progressive conversations and events, great restaurants, hundreds of music venues. Austin shines with these multiple facets.

And then, underneath it all is Texas, a wide open, embodied revelry in harsh landscapes and simple pleasures. The musical cadence of this is country, pure and simple. There’s something Integral in the energetic dialog between these two worlds, something vibrant and fertile. It has me appreciate the solidity of country music like I hadn’t before.

©2011 Will Hewett

As I finish the second and final day of a workshop for men here, I feel accomplished and complete, ready for a homey meal. And when I start my practice, the sound turns country. It’s a full musical recline to sing in the country vernacular. Vowels are plentiful and malleable and traveling between notes is an easy slide, not some staccato New York bus ride.

February 27 sounds like this

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