Resplendent Possums

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Resplendent Possums

©2011 Will Hewett

Austin — Tonight I’m in wordland, birdland, sweet beans and curdland. Inside this fermenting dungeon, the clouds speak like posturing, glo-balls, pestering the passersby with frankincense and myrrhland.

Words can have magical collisions when unhooked from the chain gangs of obvious logic. This is a fun practice inside of Sing15. Just start singing words and see if you can stay with it, whether their proximity makes initial sense or not. Five random words strung together will create a whole new meaning constellation.

I love doing this and find my openness to the wordflow changes constantly. Sometimes my internal-judges will be looking for quick logic. Other times, I’ll find that the words coming out are charged, taboo, unflattering and my mind will censor them, either generalizing them or pulling back to the unoffensive safety of the fenced area.

Then there are sweet openings when the words just flow like water from a tap and it’s a magnificent ride to watch the mind make meeting of them after they’ve entered the room, and to feel the grace of the dream world shining through.

february 25 sounds like this

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