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Austin — The language that we use with each other is such a crude approximation of experience, a drunken messenger whom we treat as sober.

Behind those words is the complex integrity of nature, irreducable to such compact nuggets of meaning. In singing we can get closer to that nature because we are more in the realm of matter and vibration.

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I love playing in the spectrum between conventional and made up language in my Sing15 practice. The former has the weight of years and the latter has the truth of the moment, accessing deeper layers. I go there tonight.

For a while I dwell in a rap-like zone, singing mostly in English and then morph the sound so I’m swinging a little more. Then I flip the ratio so I’m singing mostly invented language with an occasional English word thrown in for spice. Listening to this style of singing shows me how much weight our conventional words have. Even when vastly outnumbered by invented sounds, the mind grabs on to the known words and their entrenched meaning, using that to shape the perceived meaning of the whole phrase.

february 23 sounds like this


  1. kate
    February 24, 2011

    yesterday, i took my sing15 onto the winter beach. singing into the wind and the waves. adjusting my pace to the free form of the waves that dared to crawl to the shore and of the intermittent gusts of wind following a timing much grander than i could grasp.
    suddenly, i became aware that i was not actually making sound.
    the music had become so full and expansive. but my mouth was closed and my breath silent.
    a stunning moment of atunement.
    and so, i start the clock again for 15 minutes….

  2. Will Hewett
    February 24, 2011

    Thank you so much for sharing that, Kate. I’m basking in it and have no sufficient words. Reading it had me taste that atunement.

    Its richness also has me thinking about creating another dimension of the site for experiences like this from the emerging Sing15 tribe.

  3. Heidi McCurdy
    February 24, 2011

    “On the board is drinking up the suuuunnn!” Love that part.


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