Flip It

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Flip It

Austin — It’s a Spring-like Austin afternoon when I arrive home from a workshop by at teacher who offers a tool for turning your thoughts upside down to reveal their flimsiness and choose others. I feel freed up by the new seeing.

I don’t know if it’s this thought-flipping inspiration or an impulse to back bend that has me lay back on a big blue gym ball. The room flips top to bottom in my vision, and I feel my singing flow to my head with the blood. My hard palate buzzes, a reed for the eee sound that for a while produces the most enjoyable resonance and provides the center axle of the emergent melody.

I hit a tone placement that vibrates the whole surface of my chest. This feels like some kind of heart-opening energy treatment somebody would pay a lot of money for if I just gave it a cool name and marketed it right.

I drop thoughts of riches and return to the buzz. I start to get a bit dizzy, which has the singing feel less specific and more trance-like.

Once righted, my reflection is sparse and spacious, thoughts quiet, and I simply feel grateful for the chance to experience embodied sound.

jan 29 sounds like this

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