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Today my practice feels like a to-do list item. As I start the timer I decide to make it about conjuring up enjoyment rather than going with the ever-present impulse for new as my mind is wont to do.

This is harder than it sounds, for it requires me to explore what is really enjoyable, not from some memory, but right now, on this January day, inside this particular mixture of mood, health and perception in which I find myself.

The song is slow to start and stays there for a while, a lot of minor intervals, sad sounds. Sad can be delicious, but it’s not quite that today. In moments I think maybe I can’t enjoy today. Maybe that’s just part of the deal.

I slow down even more to a simple beat, made with plosive lips and breath. It immediately sounds like my heart, so I pause to hold my wrist and pick up the actual tempo. From there I anchor in that pulse and play with rhythmic variations inside it, keeping it mostly simple, the pulse primary. This is what enjoyment feels like in this moment.

jan 28 sounds like this


  1. Paul Dupree
    January 28, 2011

    I’m wondering about the elements that produce joy — rhythm, tempo, soaring range, inflection, range of dynamics.

    • Will Hewett
      February 2, 2011

      Paul, for me there are certain permutations of those things (swing rhythm, for example) that rustle up joy. I think another element is degree of release into the experience of the music. Listening may be the biggest doorway in.


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