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Austin — Sometimes the quickest access to the ocean of sound is by getting very simple. Doing this offers an accessible doorway for less experienced singers as well as a way for more experienced vocalists to drop their accomplished persona and discover something new.

I see it like crouching down in the woods and looking for a while at a very small patch of soil. It doesn’t take long for what seemed like a tiny, static part of the forest to unfold as a whole world unto itself. A grain of dirt suddenly moves and you see the ant underneath. Light shifts, revealing blue in a rock that seemed gray. A drop of dew reflects the green canopy above.

In this way, today I slow down and sing the same made-up phrase — ahm-lah-dee-kay-dohm — over and over, each time finding a different way to sing it. I change the melody. I give weight to different parts. I play with rhythms.

I watch the continuum between letting the repeated phrase unfold on its own and exerting ideas on top of it.

I find this small structure relaxes me, drops the ‘shoulds’ away, and calls out my playfulness.

jan 27 sounds like this

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