Texting Up

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Texting Up

Austin — Today it’s all I can do to muster the oomph to do this practice. Even the amazing winter light outside my windows doesn’t penetrate my mopey thickness.

I look around me for assistance and reach to the bookshelf, finding a particularly jazzy tome, The Social Transformation of American Medicine by Paul Starr.

I’ve done this a couple of times before — allow someone else to lend words for my practice so I can just add some rhythm and melody.

My memory is short as I sing today, so I develop no coherent pattern, no real refrain. I just read and sing, sing and read.

The one thing that surprises me is how much the content of the words sinks in as I’m singing them. I find myself thinking about how long the issue of health care has been prominent in our country’s history and how enmeshed it has been with politics.

As I complete my practice, a small smile rises up through this funk as I reflect that this book has likely not been read in quite this way before.

Jan 26 sounds like this

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