Beyond PG

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Beyond PG

Austin — Songs are coming out today, words and melody. The words are falling forward, some from the mystery manufacturer, some clearly cued by what I see as I stand in my studio looking around and out the windows.

As I’m enjoying this journey — often where my practice goes doesn’t feel as musical as it does today — I also see my mind monitor the words that are about to be sung, or the ones that are already on their way over my tongue. It tries to grab the ones it thinks might be offensive or reflect something un-saintly about me.

My mind shows itself as a PG rater, not so strict that it screens just for family audiences but also not permitting the too violent or racy or dark. It looks for the original but tries to block the dark animal. It’s like a Hollywood publicist, managing the story for some imagined audience.

This makes me more curious about what lies in that dark territory for me. I sense it’s fertile soup for music.

dec 31 sounds like this

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