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Austin — The year is winding down and I return to Austin, trading snowy for balmy.

I walk into my house, so still and quiet compared to our Boston family collective, and go to work, keeping my work boots on. They squeak as I walk across the dining room.

I’m all falsetto tonight, enjoying the visceral head buzz from singing up there. I stop to take a sip of tea from a bottle and hear a thickly resonant tone inside the bottle when I do. I play with this for the rest of the session, finding it satisfying to having something to sing into, against, around.

I scan up and down and find only one spot where the bottle really rings, lacking any understanding of why that tone for that shape, linking the phenomenon to the specific resonant tones of some rooms.

As has happened many times in this year of Sing15, the 15 minutes whips up the music in me and I can’t stop even as I sit down to write.

dec 30 sounds like this

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