Press Play

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Press Play

Austin — I lie prone on the bamboo floor, head to one side, and sing. Immediately I can feel vibration in my chest and belly. My cheek bones keep the flesh of my face off the floor a bit, so the resonance isn’t as strong there.

The floor provides me a sonic mirror, showing me where the sound is, by giving back its vibration.

I press different parts into the floor, foot, knee, pelvis, sternum, chest, shoulder, cheek. I add tone to each one and hear how each one is different. I play them like piano keys, back and forth, different sequences.

My stomach is dull, the sound of a slow-motion gut punch. My sternum is percussive, assertive, clear. My feet are simple. My knees, short and to the point.

I get lost in this, my body becomes a self-organizing symphony. Time goes by fast.

The floor is on the hard extreme of things to press against. Perhaps air is the next territory to explore.

oct 29 sounds like this

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