Ground from Which to Fly

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Ground from Which to Fly

Austin — Today I play again with establishing a basecamp from which to explore. At other times, these have taken the form of single notes, sung for a while until I locate them clearly in my body. Then I venture out to other notes, timbres and tones, and return to base occasionally.

This is good skill for improvisers because we must know where the structure of what we are singing is, and be able to re-find that structure when we need and choose.

If we are going to leave the song, we first need to know what we’re leaving. I find it’s also a fun challenge, to progressively extend the time away from the basecamp and then come back. Compositionally this creates interest, too.

Aerial acrobats wouldn’t be very interesting without the presence of the floor from which they fly, and on which they land and could possibly crash.

My base camp today is a simple melodic phrase, did-el-lee, did-el-lee, did-el-lee. I get to know its vibration in my palate and scalp. This gives me the confidence to fly off of it.

oct 24 sounds like this

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