About Sing15

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About Sing15

This practice is for anybody with a voice; chances are, that includes you. And when I say “sing,” I really mean make music with your voice, whatever happens to want to come out today. It may be songs you know, but more likely it’s a whole range of sounds you discover along the way.

Sing15 is an opportunity for you to leave the panel of singing judges at the door and go on a daily vocal exploration.

Sing15 arises from a mix of practices and passions that have made a big difference in my life. It’s both ridiculously simple and unendingly potent, drawing from worlds of singing, creative expression, improvisation, meditation and more. The great thing is that Sing15 can benefit anyone from the self-proclaimed “non-singer” to the most accomplished virtuoso. You just show up and start making sounds with your that miraculous voice of yours.

In the Try This Today chapter you will find a growing series of suggestions to help you enter your Sing 15 practice on a given day. You may find them helpful ways to get in the door of a day’s practice. Then let it go from there.

I’m doing the Sing15 practice for a whole year and sharing my daily experiences. I hope you’ll join me, come back to this site and share how your practice is going.

Your fellow vocal explorer,


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