Are you a singer? Read before answering.

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Are you a singer? Read before answering.

You’ll notice that the language of this website is oriented toward “singing.” We could use the term “vocalizing” or “making sounds with your voice,” but singing just works better.

Now, if you have a concern that you aren’t a singer, let’s put this one to rest right here. You are most definitely a singer.

If you are someone who has never thought of yourself as such, rather than go through some multi-step program to someday start to imagine that this might be true, just accept it right now. It will make things a lot easier.

You are a singer because you have a voice with miraculous capabilities. Whether you know it or not, you can make all kinds of sounds with that voice of yours. Quiet and loud sounds. Nasally and throaty sounds. Airy and heavy sounds. You can make sounds separated by silence and you can make sounds that string together. You can move straight from one kind of sound to another without pause. Without ever having met you, I know this is true.

Nearly every human being and most animals share the ability to vocalize, to make sound built in the body and emanating from the mouth. In animal species this capacity is put to use for very practical reasons: finding a mate, defending one’s territory, warning of attack, playing. We humans use our voices for these same purposes and many more. And we have a greater capacity—if we choose to use it—to use our voices in a thousand other subtle ways. In fact most of us use our voices every waking hour of our day, every day of our lives.

Yet we have somehow decided that it is only “singers” or “public speakers” who should spend time learning about their voices. The rest of us, who depend on our voices just as much, proceed with what we have.

This website is about giving you, whether you are an accomplished opera star or an accomplished plumber, a unique way to access to greater vocal freedom and capacity. And it’s as easy as singing for 15 minutes a day.

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