The basic Sing15 practice

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The basic Sing15 practice

Ready to get started with your Sing 15 practice? It’s pretty simple and here are the basics:

1. Choose an amount of time and a number of times per week to practice.

Make sure to choose a duration and frequency that can work in your life. Fifteen minutes has both a doable and sufficient ring to it. Often we think we can’t spare 15 minutes a day, only to find that we not only have that time, but that committing to using it for something near and dear to us adds more energy to our busy lives. Commit to this for three weeks and then review what’s working and what you’d like to change.

2. Sing for the whole time, without stopping.

This is about going fully in. This is not the time to clean the room, check your messages, move furniture. This is a sweet refuge from all that other stuff and it’s sweetness and refuge-ness is directly dependent on your choosing to let other things drop away.

3. Enjoy the journey and watch what happens.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions chapter and use the many posts in the Try This Today chapter to get you started, to give you pathways into the your practice for a given day. And make sure you let us know how it’s going, and what questions and insights arise for you.

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