What do I sing?

What do I sing?

A common question for people starting out with the Sing 15 practice is “What do I sing?”

This is a great question and points to how we are accustomed to singing something that is pre-existing. We sing songs that we know. Songs from sheet music. Musical scales. We sing vocal exercises from a teacher or a book.

Those approaches are useful of course, and the Sing 15 practice is something different.

This is an emergent experience, one where you are more in discovery mode than replication mode. Once you are experienced in this practice, you’ll open your mouth and be surprised by what comes out. Then you’ll follow that impetus to the next thing, and on and on.

The potency of this practice comes from you stepping each day into an experience that is unpredictable. The one thing you do know is that you will be vocalizing for 15 minutes, and that’ all you need to know.

You might be thinking, “But I don’t know how to make things up with my voice.” I need something to get me started. This website is here to support you. You’ll find a wide variety of tips in the Try This Today chapter on how to get started with your practice on a given day. You can think of these as doorways into your practice room. Use them as you’re getting started as a Sing 15 practitioner (it sounds so official) and whenever you want a little nudge or fresh way in.

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