Where do I sing?

Where do I sing?

So you’ve decided to start the Sing 15 practice and you’re wondering where to do it each day.

Find a private space, or as private as you can. This practice is about unfolding the many facets of your voice, and for many of us, that can be a tender process. Most of us feel freer to explore if we aren’t conscious of others hearing us (especially those whom we are closest to).

Your space may take the form of simply closing a door in your home, using a garage, an empty office, or even a path in the woods. Ideally it’s a space where you can get loud and make all manner of noises.

At the same time, don’t be concerned if you don’t have the ideal spot. The most important thing is to choose a spot and start. After a while of doing this practice in your space, you will infuse it with the spirit of your adventure. Over time, you will also likely get more more comfortable with the possibility of being heard and maybe even enjoy that.

I travel a lot for work and end up doing this practice in interesting “spaces.” I’ve done it under the cover of my blanket on an international flight, in a garden in South Africa and walking along a busy running trail in Austin (it’s fun to see people’s faces when they pass and hear me singing). I’ve found that getting resourceful and playful about where I sing is part of the fun of the practice. Making the commitment to do the practice every single day is the structure that forces (in a good way) this resourcefulness.

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