Why a daily practice?

Why a daily practice?

What are the things you do every day? Make a quick list.

We all have things that we do every day. You awaken, drink coffee, get dressed, eat food, ride the bus, train or drive your car, arrive at work or school, leave, buy stuff. Just think that in just twenty years, you do each of these things thousands and thousands of times.

You’ve probably heard the saying that if you want to know a person’s true priorities, look at his or her check book. Another way is to look at how they are spending their time today.

Most of these activities narrow over time, meaning that the way we engage in them becomes repetitive and similar. We do them without thinking about how or why we are doing them, and without trying different ways to do them.

A video camera on the wall would likely show us getting out of bed with the same physical motion every day, walking the same route to the bus, eating the same core set of foods.

And over time, these daily activities make their marks on our bodies and our consciousness. They create grooves or patterns in our lives, ones of which we become unconscious. They come to define our perception of what life is really like.

Here’s the thing, if you want to change your life, to become more awake, more skillful (insert your own adjectives here), one powerful, proven way is to insert activities/practices in your day that are in service of what you want to bring forth in your life. It’s not rocket science and yet most of us are waiting for some big bang to happen to create the lives we want. If you choose to do a new thing, even if it’s for five minutes a day, it shapes who you are becoming. The key is to commit to it and do it every single day.

This is the principle behind the Sing 15 practice. Simply sing for 15 minutes a day and you will behave your way into greater vocal freedom, range, creativity and confidence.

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