Images and media files

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Post image

maximum width 470 pixels
recommended height 240 pixels


55 pixels x 55 pixels
Auto-crop of center of post image. For a specific file as thumbnail, enter the file location in Post Settings > Thumbnail.

Splash image (top of page)

width 780 pixels, height 240 pixels
page display height: lower 120 pixels of home image

Steps for upload/insert post image

Click on Upload/Insert [image] or Set featured image
Choose file from computer or media library
If width is greater than 470 pixels, click on Edit image > Scale image
Change the width dimension (first box) to 470 and click Scale

To crop image, click on image and drag cursor down and to the right.
Adjust the dimensions to 470 x 240
Move the crop box to desired area of photo and click the crop tool (top left)
Save the edit changes.

Add an Alternate text to briefly describe the image (for readers with images turned off, and audio page readers).

Link field set to none.

Insert into post.

Additional information

WordPress Codex: Media subpanel
Theme Hybrid: Media attachments
Theme Hybrid: Adding audio attachments